GMV MTAC is a kind of concealed VRF unit, which adopts back side air discharge and air return. It’s mainly developed for North American market, which is applicable for apartments, offices, hotels and other areas. The unit adopts deep subcooling technology for ensuring the quiet cooling operation. Moreover, the unique drainage control
technology has solved the problem of water drainage of outdoor unit under low-temperature environment

  • The system adopts all DC motor, which greatly improves efficiency. The energy efficiency for Gree all DC unit is increased greatly. SEER is up to 14; HSPF is up to 8.2.
  • The latest communication way-CAN bus communication is adopted, which greatly improves anti-interference ability, precisely controls the indoor units and improves the reliability of system. Meanwhile, specialized shielded wire is no longer needed, while conventional communication wire can be used to increase the flexibility of project installation.
  • The system can operate constantly and reliably in a wide temperature range(cooling: 23~118℉), heating: -4~81℉), which is not affected by atrocious environment.
  • A series of optimized measures are taken to solve the problem of indoor unit’s throttling sound, indoor unit’s oil return noise, gas bypass noise during start-up, which improves the comfort of system.
  • The system applies the original technology of PID intelligent capacity adjustment, which quickly and precisely controls indoor ambient temperature according to set temperature, with small temperature fluctuation and great comfort.

GMV MTAC Features