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Water Source Heat Pump VRF System integrates the advantages of water system and DC inverter VRF units. It features the high efficiency and energy saving of water cooled units and the comfortable and flexible characteristics of VRF units. It utilizes renewable sources as the heating and cooling source. It can be used in coordination with relevant policy projects or energy conservation projects, providing a new air conditioning solution for tall building structures, hotels, office buildings, shopping centers, etc

  • External energy source for water source heat pump VRF system
    Gree self-developed water source heat pump VRF system utilizes renewable sources such as water and soil, with higher operating efficiency and lower energy consumption. The water side can be a cooling tower or boiler or the application of surface water (river water, lake water, sea water), ground water, soil heat, solar power, waste heat, waste water or other kinds of renewable sources.
  • System structure of water source heat pump VRF system
    The water source heat pump VRF system is made up of two parts. The first part is the water system that exchanges heat between outdoor units and water/soil source. The application of water source/soil source is varied and can be coordinated with constant-temperature water/soil, cooling tower or boiler. Compared with common air-cooled system, it is more energy saving and space saving. The second part is the VRF system of outdoor and indoor units, which features the advantages of flexible installation, easy construction and intelligent control. There is a variety of combinations of indoor units to cope with different applications.
  • Suitable to different constructions, no influence on building appearance
    The water source heat pump VRF system is suitable to different constructions, with no influence on building appearance. The water source heat pump VRF air conditioners do not need to exchange heat with the outdoor air, so it can be installed flexibly to coordinate with the building structure.
  • No influence of weather
    The water source heat pump VRF system exchanges heat with water or soil source through outdoor units, so it won’t be affected by air temperature. In winter, when system is in heating operation, outdoor units won’t get frosted or run in defrosting mode, so as to guarantee stable heating performance.
  • Same as GMV5, the water source heat pump VRF system adopts CAN communication, so it can be connected with any one type of GMV5 indoor units.

GMV Water Heat Pump

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